About Us

Since 1964 the Elmwood Park Volunteer Ambulance Corps has been serving residents of Elmwood Park, as well as those who work, shop and visit our community by providing quality emergency medical services to the sick and injured.

Last year our squad received over 1,200 calls for service and our volunteer members dedicated over 13,000 hours of their time to Elmwood Park. Our dedication does not stop there. Our members give up their own precious personal time to provide emergency service stand-bys at sporting and community events, first aid training to Elmwood Park little league coaches and DWI simulation drills in cooperation with the Elmwood Park Police and the Elmwood Park Fire Department to educate our high school seniors on the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. This does not include the many weekends our members have to spend away from their families to be on call. Our members are truly dedicated and remarkable people.

Our squad is currently one of a very few, still all-volunteer organization providing a free service to our community. Unfortunately due to the economy and financial obligations most of our members have to work full time jobs during the daytime hours of 6am to 6pm and a paid service has to come to answer those calls on some instances. We provide total coverage Monday through Friday 6 pm-6 am, and total weekend coverage 24 hours each day.

Many squads have begun to charge for their services eliminating their volunteer status, having paid employees answer their calls. Our squad's goal is to remain a volunteer organization committed to continuing to provide prompt, quality emergency medical care free of charge to our community who has been supporting us with their donations for years.

Squad Leaders

Peter Pais

Member since 1996

Kyle Johnson

Assistant Chief
Member Since 2006